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User Manuals

PI Cyprus

User Manuals


MustLearnIT Portal User Manuals

-        MustLearnIT Portal User Manual in English (EN) 

-         MustLearnIT Portal User Manual in Suomi (FI)

-        MustLearnIT Portal User Manual in Polski (PL)


Synchronous Distance Learning environment (based on Centra software platform)


-         Centra User Manual in English (EN)

-         Centra User Manual in Greek (EL)

-         Centra User Manual in Polski (PL)



Asynchronous Distance Learning environment (based on Moodle open source software platform)

-         on line help of the Moodle platform (for teachers)

(a) Log in to the Moodle platform (

(b) select a language (English (EN), Ελληνικά (EL), Polski (PL), Suomi (FI) )

(c) select a course

(d) select "Help" from the "administration" menu        

-         short Moodle User Manual in English (EN)

-         short Moodle User Manual in Greek (GR)


User manuals for sites hosting extra material used in Poland and Finland 


-         user manual for the site (hosting educational Material for learning English as a Foreign Language  used by the Chydenius Institute in participating Finnish schools

-         user manual for the site (hosting Educational Material for learning English as a Foreign Language used by the CODN in participating Polish schools



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