Using ICT for special subject distance learning in multigrade schools Minerva
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Δευτέρα, 17 Ιούνιος 2019
About the ProjectarrowExpected Results

PI Cyprus

Expected Results

It is expected that the impact this project generates will include the following:

  • On an educational level it will reinforce the teaching of special subject lessons for which a relevant "expert" teacher is not available to small/isolated multigrade primary schools. In the cases where there was previously no opportunity to teach the special lesson, now there is a prospect for these pupils to be provided by instruction in this lesson. In other cases, a chance is provided to upgrade instruction in lessons for which the teacher currently responsible is not suitably qualified.
  • An interest in the concept of sharing resources among schools, be it personnel, educational material or infrastructures, all with the support of ICT
  • On a social level teachers and pupils will feel less isolated and excluded from the school reality of larger "standard" central schools and the opportunities/facilities/etc. they offer their pupils.
  • Teachers will broaden their experience and outlook on using ICT within the particular conditions their small and/or multigrade school environment imposes.
  • The reuse of all outputs by a larger number of schools and countries due to the flexibility of the model (including its application to cover a wider variety of subject lessons).
  • The project may serve as a sound research resource for Universities ad research institutes.



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