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Τρίτη, 25 Ιούνιος 2019
About the ProjectarrowObjectives

PI Cyprus


With the intention of facilitating multigrade primary schools and small rural primary schools facing difficulties in terms of providing a wide breadth of teacher expertise in order to meet their curriculum requirements this project aims:

  • to provide ICT supported distance learning schemes for enhancing learning in isolated primary schools by enabling teachers and pupils to use appropriate educational resources beyond those that are presented to them at a local level. We envisage a comprehensive scheme, supported by ICT in the classroom, involving in the process local schoolteachers and remote specialized teachers teaching their regular classes, as well as specially developed educational material (using educational software, Internet facilities, etc.), in synchronous and asynchronous modes. Transferability and sustainability issues will be taken into account, mainly by a) sustaining minimum technical requirements and costs and b) capitalising on the existing infrastructures.

In the process of achieving the above, the project’s activities also lead to fulfilling the following educational and social objectives:

  • To increase the awareness regarding issues concerning multigrade and small rural schools
  • To make pupils and teachers of the target schools feel less isolated and excluded from the school reality existing in “normal” schools
  • To promote the concept of sharing resources present in larger and better equipped schools, thus exploiting existing assets and gaining financial benefit for less privileged schools.
  • To contribute to the utilization and exploitation of existing ICT infrastructure, in fact addressing real problems/ needs.
  • To contribute to new ideas regarding methods of distance learning and exchange teaching tips and materials. For example: to identify and document the particular educational needs of target schools that ICT can facilitate at a transnational level; to identify and record the issues concerning the development/adaptation of suitable educational activities, (based primarily on educational software) for this application, etc.
  • To explore innovations (e.g. individualizing and differentiating teaching) and  make recommendations concerning  multigrade teaching policy, curriculums and practice (since the ICT distance learning scheme to be developed will be easily portable for any interested multigrade primary schools)
  • To make known the results to a wider educational community including teachers, teacher training institutions, public educational authorities, in order to promote the further, long-term use of the model in multigrade/remote schools.

Thus, this project puts a precise focus on the advantages that distance learning and ICT will provide to pupils and teachers of small and isolated schools. Besides, the project also contributes to familiarizing teachers and students with ICT and encourages them to use it in their daily learning process using pupil-centered approaches aiming also to improve the attractiveness of learning.


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