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Τετάρτη, 17 Ιούλιος 2019
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The outputs described in this section will serve not only to document the progress and results of this project, but may be also used outside this project and past its completion by educational agencies/teachers/schools who might be faced with the same needs and are looking for a means to deal with them.Thus the main outputs envisased for the project are:

- The model itself, described in detail from a pedagogical and technical aspect, the reports on its implementation and application, and the results thereof will remain as an outcome of the project. Specifically, educational material (legacy) for further utilization which will be produced through this project includes:

  • A Teachers Guide: to instruct teachers in understanding and using the model (addressing both specialized teachers and multigrade school teachers).
  • A technical guide describing the model and the infrastructure used for the application in this project, from the technical point of view. This will facilitate its integration into existing frameworks in the different participating countries and potentially others, which maintain and support local school networks [e.g in Greece: the Greek School Network (, in Finland the e-learning network ( and the VERKOKE project network ( ].
  • A collection of ICT based educational activities using existing infrastructure and educational software for the special subject lessons under the distance learning scheme.
  • Examples of good practice: describing the implementation of the model in the partner/user countries for the teaching of specific specialized subject domains, including the educational material that was used.
  • Evaluation Report: concerning the implementation of the model in the participating schools in the partner/user countries, including a sustainability strategy and extensibility issues in the design and use of the model.

- A community of teachers and pupils who will have cooperated in teaching and learning a specialized subject and who will have acquired experience in ODL and ICT skills. Although of a small size, the fact that this community is geographically dispersed, yet educationally cohesive is of significance.

- Technological and Educational experience in using ODL educational techniques and in using ICT in the classroom and exploiting educational software activities.

- Information Days:

  • Extended meetings organized by each partner in the participating countries inviting teachers, educational institutions and authorities in order to present the model, share experiences and discuss further activities with the model.
  • A conference organized by the coordinator inviting teachers, educational institutions and authorities in order to present the model, share experiences and discuss further activities with the model.

Dissemination material: e-leaflets, posters, video, etc. regarding the implementation of the project and its results.




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