Using ICT for special subject distance learning in multigrade schools Minerva
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The MuStLearnIT project targets primary schools in different European countries operating under special conditions such as multigrade and remote schools, where a few teachers (or even a single teacher) are responsible for teaching a small number of pupils of different ages and grades a variety of lessons and where often there are no “subject specific expert” teachers for a number of lessons.

The project’s major objective is the design, development and application of an integrated distance learning model for learning, to aid multigrade primary schools by sharing resources such as teaching staff (local and remote) and by taking the utmost advantage of any existing technical infrastructure.

The model is supported by ICT and is applied in synchronous and asynchronous modes using videoconferencing and other CSCL tools and specially designed educational activities based on appropriate educational software.

MustLearnIT Project Identity


Socrates Programme, Minerva Action
(European Commission, DG for Education and Culture)

Project Start

October 2005

Coordinating Institution

Reasearch Academic Computer Technology Institute (RACTI)


24 months


364,154 Euro


MuStLearnIT Best Practice

The MuStLearnIT Project has been identified as a "Best Practice" for "creativity and innovation" (see the brochure) and the results have been given appropriate dissemination within the EACEA and the Directorate General for Education & Culture.  (Click here to see the Official Letter). The MuStLearnIT Project has also been identified as a "Best Practice" for "social inclusion".


Design and Implementation: CTI
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